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AnyCase App v11.31

AnyCase App is an multi-program direct in-place case converter for Windows, download it and you’ll be starting to convert in place in 3 minutes.

100s of Supported Applications by AnyCase

Supported programs

AnyCase App v11.31

AnyCase App is an multi-program direct in-place case converter for Windows, download it and you’ll be starting to convert in place in 3 minutes.

Microsoft store certified

Supports Windows 11, 10, 8, 7

How It Looks

Features List

Multi-Program Case Conversions

AnyCase multi-program direct in-place case conversions, AnyCase App converts directly in place in hundreds of programs. Small list of Supported Applications

How to use the AnyCase app to convert case wherever you work

When AnyCase is opened it’s window will appear and will include the text conversion functionality as well, in addition in this window you can access the AnyCase settings/options for additional customization.

To change text from UPPERCASE to lowercase for example, you will go through the same process, first select the text you would like to change the capitalization for, then choose one of the options.

All the conversions work in a fraction of a second.

Shift + Right-Click Opens An In-Place Conversion Menu In Any Program

AnyCase has a right-click menu that works in all supported programs for quick case conversions, this powerful feature lets you change the capitalization using a context menu (Mouse Right-Click) Simply select any text in the program you are currently working in, then press Shift+{right-click} this will open the AnyCase App conversion menu, as you see in the video to the right.

Shift+{right-click} – Will open the global context menu so you can easily select a conversion option from a list.

Global Windows Shortcuts

The AnyCase App enables a global set of shortcuts that work across applications and programs, use these shortcuts to change the capitalization of the selected text In all Supported Applications. AnyCase Is extremely flexible, with a few clicks you can custom define your own key combinations that will convert text case globally.

Win+Alt+L – To convert selection to lowercase
Win+Alt+U – To convert selection to UPPERCASE
Win+Alt+T – To convert selection to Title Case
Win+Alt+S – To convert selection to Sentence case
Win+Alt+A – To convert selection to AlTeRnAtInG CaPs
Win+Alt+O – Opens main window with all the apps options

Always Paste As Plain Text

When this feature is turned on the default action of pasting (Ctrl+v) is to paste unformatted text. This smart feature automatically removes the styling from the text without you needing to remember whether a program supports Ctrl+Shift+v, or Ctrl+v, and without you needing to change an individual program specific settings.

Turn this feature on whenever you want text you copied off websites (styled text in general) to always be pasted without it’s format.

Switch Language After You Started Typing

If you are a multilingual or bilingual person you know the problem of starting to type in the wrong language, It usually happens when you forget to switch the language before you start typing, With this feature you can flip the language to the language you intended to write in without retyping.

Quick Replace

Quickly replace any character or word with another by using this feature, for example if you’re working with files and you would like every space between words to be replaced with a hyphen(-), or underscore(_) you can do that in real time as many times as you need, as in the video example.

Custom Word Capitalization

The Custom Word Capitalization feature lets you setup words that you want capitalized in an exact manner, an examples can be your a brand name, or a company name you commonly use (“arctic ice inc.” is to always be capitalized as “Arctic Ice Inc. for example”).

This feature lets you set the capitalization preferences before hand, and AnyCase will always convert this custom words exactly as you defined them in the settings area, when using the Sentence Case, or Title Case text conversions.

Custom word capitalization

Paste In Blocked Web Fields

This AnyCase feature lets you paste text in any input field when a website intentionally disables it, just copy (Ctrl+C) what you need to the clipboard and use AnyCase paste feature to paste the text when Ctrl+V is not working.

Press Shift + {Mouse Right Click} and select Magic Paste in the context menu that appears.

How Many Words?

A new feature in the context menu that counts how many words are in the selected text

Remove Double Space

When selected changes the capitalization of the selected text to uppercase

AnyCase App, A Powerful Case Converter For Windows

Click The Download Button > Double-click The File and Follow the instructions > and your Done!
In-place conversions is now available in hundreds of applications across windows

Windows 10/8.1/8/7 and the new Windows 11

AnyCase App Capitalization Converter For Windows

Automatic Proper Nouns Converter

AnyCase App huge proper noun engine contains thousands upon thousands of proper nouns that will be automatically capitalized as you Convert between uppercase to title case, lowercase to sentence case etc.; 90% percent of the time you won’t need to worry about Brand names, personal names, countries, days of the week, months being capitalized, as AnyCase will convert them automatically.

  • Brand/Company Names – eBay, CNN, CloudFlare, Starbucks
  • Personal Names – David, Mary, Kate
  • Days Of The Week – Sunday, Monday, Tuesday
  • Months – January, February, Mar. Apr.
  • Holidays – Christmas, Ramadan, Hanukkah
  • Religions – Christianity, Judaism, Islam
  • Languages/Nationalities – English ,American, Japanese, Swedish
  • Countries/States – USA, United States, West Virginia, Texas, Hawaii
  • Cities – New York, Tokyo, Tel-Aviv
  • Common geographic locations – Mountains, Rivers, Waterways Etc.
  • Historical Periods/Events – World War II, D-Day, Korean War

* Setting is customizable

Punctuation Engine

AnyCase App punctuation Engine catches over 30 common punctuation issues and automatically fixes them. Some examples would be , a missing space after a comma , double/triple spaces that were missed in the paragraph , removes a dot if It appears directly after a question mark (Would you be in tomorrow?. >  Would you be in tomorrow?).

* Setting is customizable

AnyCase Supports Hundreds of Windows Desktop Programs

Below is a partial list of programs AnyCase supports. Changes made in the latest versions of AnyCase means hundreds of desktop programs are now supported, most likely yours as well. this change makes it possible to convert text almost in any program.

Browser Support (No extensions required)

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Opera
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Internet Explorer
  • Vivaldi Browser

CMS’s Support

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Drupal
  • Progress Sitefinity

Document Writing / Presentations /
Publishing Software / Research Software

  • Microsoft 360
  • Microsoft Word (App + in browser)
  • Microsoft PowerPoint (App + in browser)
  • Microsoft Excel (App + in browser)
  • Microsoft Publisher
  • OneNote (App + in browser)
  • Google Docs
  • Google Slides
  • Google Spreadsheets
  • OpenOffice Writer
  • OpenOffice Calc
  • OpenOffice Impress
  • OpenOffice Draw
  • Evernote
  • Grammarly
  • EndNote
  • iA Writer
  • Affinity Publisher
  • Scribus
  • LucidPress
  • Bibisco
  • Writemonkey
  • miro (collaborative whiteboard)
  • QuarkXPress

E-commerce site support / Web shops / Website Builders

  • WooCommerce
  • Squarespace
  • Shopify
  • MonsterCommerce
  • Wix
  • InfusionSoft
  • Marketo

Marketing (Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing Etc.)

  • HubSpot
  • Marketo
  • InfusionSoft
  • AWeber
  • MailChimp
  • Constant Contact

3D Software

  • AutoCAD
  • Maya
  • Houdini
  • Cinema 4D
  • Autodesk 3ds Max
  • Modo
  • Lightwave 3D
  • Blender
  • Daz Studio
  • SketchUp
  • Houdini Apprentice

Warehouse Management

  • SAP Warehouse Management
  • SAP Extended Warehouse Management
  • 3PL Central
  • Manhattan Warehouse Management
  • Oracle Warehouse Management Cloud
  • Odoo
  • JDA Warehouse Management
  • Manhattan Associates PkMS
  • Epicor Prophet 21
  • Fishbowl Inventory
  • And other WMS’s


  • QuickBooks
  • XERO
  • Wave Financial
  • FreshBooks
  • Plooto
  • Oracle Netsuite
  • Zoho Books
  • Melio

Messaging applications

  • Discord (App + in browser)
  • Skype
  • Zoom (App + in browser)
  • WhatsApp Desktop
  • Facebook Messenger (App + in browser)
  • Google Hangouts
  • Slack (App + in browser)

Social Media Support (Posts / Content):

  • Facebook Messenger (App + in browser)
  • Instagram (App + in browser)
  • Twitter
  • Telegram (App + in browser)
  • Reddit (App + in browser)
  • LinkedIn

Email’s Applications Aupport

  • Gmail
  • Microsoft Outlook (App + in browser)
  • Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Yahoo Mail
  • AOL Mail
  • eM Client
  • Spike
  • Protonmail

Design Applications

  • Adobe In-design
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Other CC applications
  • Affinity Designer
  • CorelDRAW Graphics Suite
  • Autodesk SketchBook
  • Paint.NET
  • GIMP
  • Inkscape


  • Microsoft To-Do
  • Notepad++
  • Visual Studio Code
  • PDF Reader

Languages Supported

AnyCase App supports Case conversion in multiple languages, as it complies with the Unicode standard, some of the languages supported by AnyCase are:

  • English
  • German
  • Swedish
  • French
  • Dutch
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Slovenian
  • Danish
  • Croatian
  • Norwegian
  • Polish
  • Indonesian
  • Tagalog
  • Filipino
  • Tajik
  • Italian
  • Czech
  • Romanian
  • Portuguese
  • Irish
  • Icelandic
  • Faroese
  • Finnish

In addition the AnyCase App (v4 and above) can convert directly in place diacritical letters, ligatures, and digraphs. and all supported application, a few examples are included in the table below.

LanguageSupports For Diacritical Letters, Ligatures, And Digraphs
FrenchÀ ⇆ à | Â ⇆ â | Ç ⇆ ç | É ⇆ é | È ⇆ è | Ê ⇆ ê | Ë ⇆ ë | Î ⇆ î | Ï ⇆ ï | Ô ⇆ ô | Ù ⇆ ù | Û ⇆ û | Ü ⇆ ü | Ÿ ⇆ ÿ
DutchÄ ⇆ ä | É ⇆ é | È ⇆ è | Ë ⇆ ë | Ï ⇆ ï | Ö ⇆ ö | Ü ⇆ ü
GermanÄ ⇆ ä | Ö ⇆ ö | Ü ⇆ ü
ItalianÀ ⇆ à | È ⇆ è | É ⇆ é | Ì ⇆ ì | Ò ⇆ ò | Ù ⇆ ù
Portugueseà ⇆ ã | Õ ⇆ õ | Á ⇆ á | É ⇆ é | Í ⇆ í | Ó ⇆ ó | Ú ⇆ ú |  ⇆ â | Ê ⇆ ê | Ô ⇆ ô | À ⇆ à | Ç ⇆ ç
AfrikaansÁ ⇆ á | É ⇆ é | È ⇆ è | Ê ⇆ ê | Ë ⇆ ë | Í ⇆ í | Î ⇆ î | Ï ⇆ ï | Ó ⇆ ó | Ô ⇆ ô | Ú ⇆ ú | Û ⇆ û | Ý ⇆ ý
CatalanÀ ⇆ à | É ⇆ é | È ⇆ è | Í ⇆ í | Ï ⇆ ï | Ó ⇆ ó | Ò ⇆ ò, Ú ⇆ ú | Ü ⇆ ü | Ç ⇆ ç
Ligatures/DigraphsꜲ ⇆ ꜳ | Æ̀ ⇆ æ̀ | Ꜵ ⇆ ꜵ | Ꜷ ⇆ ꜷ | Ꜽ̣ ⇆ ꜽ̣ | IJ ⇆ ij | Œ ⇆ œ | Ꝏ ⇆ ꝏ | Ꝡ ⇆ ꝡ


How Do You Change Lowercase To Uppercase Without Retyping?

That’s the purpose and the main functionality of text anywhere, making it possible to change the capitalization directly where you work without retyping, take a look at the shortcuts available on the page and you can do the change simply by selecting a segment of text you would like to change the capitalization of, and using the shortcut.

What Is The Shortcut To Make All Caps?

In Windows when you have Text Anywhere installed the keyboard shortcut for all caps will be Win+Alt+U.

How To Change Capital Letters To Lowercase?

To change capital letters to lowercase you need first to select the segment of text you would like to lowercase and then use Win+Alt+l, this combination of shortcuts need to be pressed at the same time to make the selected text change immediately to lowercase.

I Have A Feature Request, Or Suggestion

Anything that you think May be useful to add to the AnyCase App you can send it directly to my email, I read all of the them
[email protected]. Feedback and suggestions are highly appreciated.

What Are Shortcuts?

Shortcuts are combinations of keys on your keyboard that you press at the same time to perform a particular action, for example in this case if you click Win+alt+U the selected text will change immediately to uppercase without the need to retype it.

to Uppercase –> Win+Alt+U
to Lowercase–> Win+Alt+L
to Title case–> Win+Alt+T
to Sentence case–> Win+Alt+S

Change log

AnyCase App v11.31 – (Download

  • Fix – Fixes an issue with one key custom shortcuts (the F1-F12 for example) – Thanks Claudine G.

AnyCase App v11.30

  • Improved – Magic Paste process was significantly improved, multiple bugs fixed.
  • Improved – Custom shortcuts upgraded to better support the multilanguage layouts.
  • Fix – Custom shortcuts that used the alt modifiers was sometimes act unexpectedly in multilanguage layouts.

AnyCase App v11.13

  • Added – More names, and last names will now be identified to be automatically capitalized.
  • Improved – This version includes another round of improvements for the conversion accuracy.
  • Improved – Magic paste to avoid conflicts with other applications.
  • Improved – Toggle case will now leave “I” and variance capitalized. Thanks Christophe P.
  • Change – The conversion message near the mouse will now be turned off by default for new users. (Can be turned back on in settings > General)
  • Fix – Custom capitalization to ignore URLs. Thanks David T.
  • Fix – Fixed a bug when double-clicking the interface will sometime cause the file path to appear.
  • Fix – Fixed Magic paste would sometimes paste incorrectly with numbers and other characters. Thanks Christophe P.
  • Fix – Toggle case bug fixd. Thanks Christophe P.

AnyCase App v11.08

  • Added – Automatic capitalization of proper nouns passes well over 50,000 proper nouns and variations.
  • Upgrade – Count selected words upgrade for better readability.
  • Improved – Additional round of improvements done to Title Case APA
  • Fix – Fixes an issue with converting in multiple cells in Excel/Google spreadsheet – Thanks Pat N.
  • Fix – Count words result will now appear next to the Selected Text.
  • Fix – Fixes an issue with Quick replace.
  • Fix – Fixes an issue with hyphenation in title case APA.

AnyCase App v11.03

  • v11 Supports more programs – even MORE programs are now supported for conversion.
  • Major improvements to be multilingual support.
  • Major improvements to the title case APA converter.
  • Major improvements to the sentence case converter.
  • Added – manually checking for new version will now pop up a window if the version you have is the latest.
  • Added – Specific improvements to the Turkish language, fixes the I problem, the İ ı will now convert correctly. Thanks Erdem A.
  • Improved – Improved the ability of AnyCase to detect when caps lock is “On”, user reported – thanks Jessica W.
  • Fix – fixes a bug in sentence case capitalization where part of a word sometimes will remain capitalized user reported – thanks Kyle B.
  • Fix -fixes a bug in title case, and title case APA
  • Fix – fixes issues found in sentence case
  • Fix – fixes/improvements to the punctuation engine
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