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How to Capitalize Letters In Google Sheets By Formula Or Shortcuts

by Yaron Elharar (@YaronElharar)

I’m sometimes surprised of how seemingly simple jobs like changing case become a long and complicated process. When I started to work in sheets I thought there must be a simple way to capitalize letters in Google sheets, to just choose a range of cells and change their case. While there are several ways to change case in sheets none of them are as easy as they could be.

So which options do we have available?

  1. The 3 ways built in to spreadsheets
  2. Using a script, or add-on
  3. Changing case using keyboard shortcuts

Let’s go over the four options, but not to bury the lead the fourth Is by far the easiest one. If you want to select a range and use a shortcut or window to convert your text from lowercase to uppercase that’s on number four

Icon of the number 1Capitalize Letters In Google Sheets Using A Formula

The three built in solutions Google sheets comes with our formula based, One function that we have available is the “UPPER” That goes like this

This lets you change the content of a cell to uppercase one cell at a time

  1. First you select a cell to work on
  2. Then between the quotation marks enter the text you would like to change from lowercase to uppercase

=UPPER("Text to uppercase")

Notice that that this only changed the text in the cell you are currently working on, you can also Uppercase a cell in another location like this


Where you place the code In any empty cell you want, and define the destination you would like to be uppercased, in this example B2. The third method is to convert to uppercase on a range of cells, and that option uses an array, and goes like this.


From the built in ways this may be the most useful one, but the major disadvantage is that you’ll need a dedicated column to perform this action, as the entire range will appear below your current selected cell (the one you have entered the formula in)

As I came to find out there are built in ways, but they’re mostly useless for my needs, I wanted to select a range of cells, use a shortcut or menu and just convert the entire range to uppercase in one go.

Icon of the number 2Use A Script To Change Case

There is a way to use a script to do case conversions for ranges of cells in Google spreadsheet, but it’s a bit advanced as you need to use what is called a “Apps script”.

If you’re comfortable working with the script area you can use this approach

  1. First choose Tools > Apps script.
  2. A new editor window will open, Now get the script you need from this forum post 
  3. The only script you have you can replace the entire area with that script. You already have a script there you will need some development know how to add it to your existing script.
  4. Now Save the script you have entered and return to your Spreadsheet
  5. Reload the Spreadsheet Page
  6. A new Menu item will appear to the right of the “Help” menu called “Case changer”, you can select a range and use one of the options inside.

Note that when you try to convert the case of a range of cells for the first time you will notice several warnings from Google, asking for privileges and access to your document. Read Google’s warnings and make sure you understand the type of Google sheets access you will be giving.

Well script have some privileges requests, add-ons will actually take it a step further and will require your personal information, if you choose to capitalize letters in google sheets using an add-on.

Icon of the number 3Changing Case Of A Cell Or A Range Of Cells Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Changing a cell or a range of cells in Google sheets using a shortcut is by far the easiest method of quickly selecting and converting between capitalizations, Google sheets does not come with prebuilt shortcuts, for that we will need to add AnyCase App, and as its name implies It is a case changer that supports hundreds of programs, and Google sheets is one of them. The advantage of adding any case to your toolset are:

  • All conversions are done in place, no extra column is necessary like the “=UPPER..” method.
  • You can use keyboard shortcut to converts case, that means selecting a range of cells and just using the combination Win+Alt+U will change the selected range to uppercase.
  • Another great thing is that you can define your own shortcuts for lowercase, sentence case Etc. It doesn’t need to be the ones listed below (you do that in the setting)
  • There’s no warnings or requests for privileges, as AnyCase does not have, or requests access to your Google Sheets files.
Windows Shortcut (keys to press)Action
Win+Alt+LTo convert selection to lowercase
Win+Alt+UTo convert selection to All Caps (UPPERCASE)
Win+Alt+TTo convert selection to Title Case
Win+Alt+STo convert selection to Sentence case
Win+Alt+ATo convert selection to AlTeRnAtInG CaPs
Win+Alt+OOpens main window with all the app's options
To enable the shortcuts above, you will need the free AnyCase App. Clicking on the table will lead you to its download page.

Final Thoughts

To recap, the point of this article was to help you learn how to capitalize letters in Google sheets without having to go through the process of changing each cell individually.

You can either use formulas directly in Google Sheets or the AnyCase app to install shortcuts and their context menu directly onto your computer, that way you can select and convert with minimal effort. 

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