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How to convert to superscript in any Windows program directly in-place?

by Yaron Elharar (@YaronElharar)

In this short article we will go through how to change text to Superscript in any program, we will go through 3 ways one requires a manual action and is excellent for occasional use, and the other one is automatic using AnyCase App, which will let you convert to Superscript directly in-place without needing to copy and paste from the the subscript characters from the list below.

let’s start with the automatic way, the easiest way

Changed To Superscript In-Place

When you really need to use Superscript across multiple programs AnyCase App becomes very handy, it doesn’t matter if you working on a PDF, PowerPoint, Google Docs, Discord, Twitter post, YouTube comments, and more importantly in chemical formula, or cataloging museum artifacts in your favorite software.

To start changing text to Superscript in place go through these steps:

  1. Download & and install AnyCase App the program you see on the right
  2. once installed the process is very simple, select a text you would like to Superscript
  3. Select the change you would like to make on the AnyCase interface
  4. Done, AnyCase will change this elected text to the script type you selected

Copying Superscript manually into your document

Another way to have Superscript in your documents is to copy a Superscript character and then pasting it into your desired document, this is an alternative way although it required a bit of manual work for copying and pasting each character separately.

For your convenience I’ve included below a list of all superscript characters, so you can easily copy and paste them into your document.

List of superscript characters for copy and paste

SuperscriptCharacter to copy and paste
Superscript A
Superscript a
Superscript B
Superscript b
Superscript C
Superscript c
Superscript D
Superscript d
Superscript E
Superscript e
Superscript F
Superscript f
Superscript G
Superscript g
Superscript H
Superscript hʰ
Superscript I
Superscript i
Superscript J
Superscript jʲ
Superscript K
Superscript k
Superscript L
Superscript lˡ
Superscript M
Superscript m
Superscript N
Superscript n
Superscript O
Superscript o
Superscript P
Superscript p
Superscript Q
Superscript q𐞥
Superscript Rᴿ
Superscript rʳ
Superscript S-Non-
Superscript sˢ
Superscript T
Superscript t
Superscript U
Superscript u
Superscript V
Superscript v
Superscript W
Superscript wʷ
Superscript X-Non-
Superscript xˣ
Superscript Y-Non-
Superscript yʸ
Superscript Z-Non-
Superscript z
Superscript ⁰
Superscript 0.5⁰ꞏ⁵
Superscript 1¹
Superscript 2²
Superscript 3³
Superscript 4
Superscript 5
Superscript 6
Superscript 7
Superscript 8
Superscript 9
Superscript (
Superscript )
Superscript Dash
Superscript equals sign=
Superscript plus
Superscript minus
Superscript question mark-Non-

What about Superscript shortcuts

Superscript shortcuts are available if you’re using a dedicated programs such as AnyCase, where you can define your own shortcuts to quickly change text to Superscript, that is where you need the shortcut to work across applications. some programs such as Microsoft Word which is part of the Microsoft 365 suite have dedicated shortcuts for superscript.

so if you’re using a Microsoft 365 (Word, PowerPoint etc.) you can try using this process to change a selected section of text to Superscript

  1. Select the text you would like to change to Superscript
  2. Use this shortcut Ctrl+Shift+Plus sign(+)
  3. The selective text should change to Superscript

Note that this shortcut is common across word processors, you should give it a try in the program you are currently working in to see if it works, you might be lucky and it does, even if it doesn’t don’t worry just keep on reading other solutions are available.

Define your own shortcuts

You can define your own shortcuts for Superscript if you’re using AnyCase App, let’s go over where you can find those settings

  1. Open the AnyCase App interface by clicking the program icon in the tray area.
  2. Click on the small gear icon at the bottom left, this will open the settings window.
  3. in the settings window select the Custom Shortcuts tab
  4. in the Custom Shortcut tab search for Superscript
  5. Select the input box to the right of the text and press the key combination you would like to use as a shortcut
  6. The last step is to save your settings
  7. You’re Done! 🙂

Final Thoughts

we went through three methods of converting text to Superscript, one automatic where you don’t need to leave the application you’re working, simply converting in-place using the AnyCase App. A copy and paste method where you can copy from the table above the character you need in Superscript and paste it in the program you need it in, it’s a manual process requires a bit of back and forth, but it could definitely work if you only need a few characters in superscript. last we talked about shortcuts, some programs come with shortcuts to superscript the most common one is Microsoft Word, which is part of the 365 package, many of Microsoft products use the same shortcuts as mentioned above, but if you want to define your own shortcuts and you want them to work across applications not only in word processes, rather you need a more general purpose shortcuts that would work in Reddit, Twitter, Adobe Acrobat, Autocad etc. then AnyCase App for Windows is the way to go. you can download it’s latest version here.

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