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Is There A Way To Convert Uppercase To Lowercase In PDF Documents?

by Yaron Elharar (@YaronElharar)

You got a PDF with important information for your next presentation. The problem? Some of the document is written in uppercase letters, and you need the quickest way to convert selected text to lowercase.

The good news is, changing uppercase to lowercase in a PDF is possible. In this article, we’ll go over different ways to do this, including an easy tool that makes this process much simpler.

This article assumes that the PDF you are working on is already in an editable state, and you can access the text directly, let’s start.

Traditional Solutions: The Tedious Task

Manual Conversion

The most straightforward solution is, of course, manual conversion. This involves going through the document, selecting the text, and retyping it in lowercase. While this method is feasible, it’s hardly practical, especially for lengthy documents.

Copy-Paste into a Word Processor

Another common solution is to copy the text from the PDF and paste it into a word processor like Microsoft word. These platforms often have a feature to change case. However, moving text between those applications can end up disrupting the formatting of your text and is no less time-consuming.

Going online

Another method involves using online text conversion tools. This process is somewhat similar to using a word processor. First, you’ll need to copy the text from the PDF, then paste it into the online tool. After converting the text to the desired case, you’ll bring it back to your PDF. While this method works, it can be as tedious as the others. Ideally, you would want to accomplish this task locally and directly within the document itself, without the back-and-forth hassle.

The above methods are just possible solutions, but they are manual and require a lot of back and forth to complete, what we need and looking for is a one click solution where you can convert case both fast and directly in place.

How to Convert Uppercase to Lowercase in PDF Documents (In place)

While the above solutions can work, they’re not without their challenges. They can be tedious, inefficient, and time-consuming. This is where the AnyCase App comes in. It offers a more streamlined, efficient approach to changing case in your PDF document.

How Does AnyCase App Work?

AnyCase App is a tool that simplifies the process of text conversion in your document. Once you’ve made the text editable, select the portion of text you want to convert. Then, choose the desired conversion option from the AnyCase App interface or use shortcuts, and let the app do the rest.

AnyCase App supports Case Conversions Directly In These Acrobat Versions:

  • Adobe Acrobat Pro
  • Adobe Acrobat Standard
  • Adobe Acrobat Pro DC
  • Adobe Acrobat Standard DC
  • Adobe Acrobat Pro 2020
  • Adobe Acrobat Standard 2020
  • Adobe Acrobat Pro 2017
  • Adobe Acrobat Standard 2017
  • Adobe Acrobat Pro 2015
  • Adobe Acrobat Standard 2015

Why Use AnyCase App?

After 2 min of installation you’ll be able to convert case directly in Acrobat whether it’s Uppercase, Lowercase, Title Case, Sentence Case, Superscript and Subscript Etc.


The first advantage of AnyCase App is its efficiency. Unlike traditional methods that require switching between applications, AnyCase App performs the conversion in place. This significantly reduces the time spent on conversion and boosts productivity. For instance, imagine you’re preparing a report with several PDF sources that need case conversion. Instead of copying and pasting the content into a word processor, changing the case, and then pasting it back, you can convert the text directly in the PDF using AnyCase App.


The AnyCase App is not just for PDFs. It offers a variety of text conversion options and works across hundreds of applications, including your browser. So, if you’re working on a blog post in WordPress and need to change the case of a section of text, AnyCase App can handle that too. This versatility makes it a powerful tool for all your text conversion needs.


AnyCase App is designed to be user-friendly. It provides multiple ways to convert text, catering to different user preferences. You can convert text through its interface, using shortcuts, or via a context menu triggered by Shift + Right-click. Whether you’re a keyboard shortcut enthusiast or prefer using the mouse, AnyCase App has got you covered.


To sum up, changing uppercase to lowercase in a PDF is possible in multiple manual ways and a quick and easy automated way using AnyCase App. these methods can be quite laborious and time-consuming. The AnyCase App, on the other hand, provides a quick, efficient, and user-friendly alternative. It performs conversions directly in the PDF document.

Moreover, AnyCase App is not limited to PDFs. Its compatibility with hundreds of applications makes it a versatile choice for all your text conversion needs. Whether you’re working with PDFs, word processors, or even browsers, AnyCase App is there to convert the text case wherever you work.

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