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Yaron Elharar

I’m Sorry To See You Leave

It will mean a lot to me if you tell me in a few words why you decided to Uninstall AnyCase.
were you missing a feature? something didn’t work as expected?

    Can I get AnyCase For Free?

    There is a way to get AnyCase App for Free if you’re willing, all you gotta do is tell 1 person about it.

    How do I tell one person about it?
    Share on social media – Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | LinkedIn | Email | Telegram
    By conversation – Literally tell somebody about it

    How would you know that I shared it?
    You will tell me that you shared it and I will trust you, or you could potentially record it (screenshot, audio, video etc.) and send it to
    [email protected] , In return I will send you a 6 month free License.