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Join 78,011 Users that are using AnyCase App to convert text directly in-place - Download AnyCase Free Version!

Let’s Get You Converting Text Directly In Place:

We’re happy you decided to try AnyCase App, We’re sure you’ll love it.
In less than 1min you’ll be able to convert text case directly in place


  1. Download AnyCase App Directly or through the Microsoft store.
  2. Install AnyCase (double click on the file you just downloaded).
  3. Follow the installation instructions
  4. After the installation is complete AnyCase App should be opened, if its not opened, open it by searching “AnyCase App” in the search panel and select it from the list.
  5. You’re done! the program window should appear

Let’s Test A Text Conversion:

Select any text you want to convert. click on one of the options from the interface.
and voila, the text will change its capitalization directly in place.

Need detailed instructions? Go to our documentation page

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