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How To Change The Selected Text Case In Creo, Elevating Your Efficiency

by Yaron Elharar (@YaronElharar)

Struggling with text case conversions in Creo? You’re not alone. While Creo is an exceptional tool for 3D modeling and CAD design, its capabilities in text case conversion might leave you wanting more. That’s where AnyCase App comes in. Let’s dive into how easy it is to change the text case with it in Creo.

What is Creo?

Creo, developed by PTC, is a powerhouse in the CAD software realm. It’s a go-to solution for mechanical engineers, designers, and CAD professionals across various industries. From 2D sketching to complex 3D modeling, Creo offers a broad spectrum of functionalities.

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Built-in Ways to Change Text Capitalization in Creo

Creo’s primary focus is on 3D modeling and CAD capabilities, which means its text case conversion features are somewhat basic. This can be a challenge, especially when dealing with extensive text across different elements like notes and dimensions. 

How to Convert Case Directly in Place in Creo

Here’s where AnyCase App steps in to fill the gap. This tool enables direct text case conversions within Creo, making the process straightforward and efficient. Let’s break down how you can use AnyCase App in your Creo projects:

  1. Install AnyCase App: First things first, download and install the latest version of AnyCase App.
  2. Select the text you need to convert.
  3. Use AnyCase App’s global shortcuts (the ones you can see on this page) or the context menu to immediately selected convert your case.
  4. Done!

You can use AnyCase App Shortcuts that appear on this page to convert the text case directly in place, Alternatively you can define your own shortcuts in settings.

Here are some more reasons Creo Users love using AnyCase App

Multiple Capitalization Options: Choose from Uppercase, Lowercase, Sentence case, Title case, and more, all in a fraction of a second.

Global Shortcuts: Quick, seamless text conversions enhance your workflow within Creo.

Context Menu Integration: Access text conversion options directly in Creo with a simple right-click.

Custom Word Capitalization: Ensure consistency in your documents by setting specific capitalization preferences for certain words.

To sum up, while Creo is a formidable tool in CAD design, its text case conversion capabilities can be enhanced significantly with the AnyCase App. This tool is a game-changer for Creo users, offering a range of text case conversion options right where you need them, directly within Creo. Elevate your CAD projects by integrating the AnyCase App into your Creo workflow. You can download the latest version here.

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