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How To Change The Selected Text Capitalization In Bluebeam Revu?

by Yaron Elharar (@YaronElharar)

Have you ever realized your text case is all over the place while working on a PDF in Bluebeam Revu? You’re not alone. Text cases can make or break the professionalism of your document/markup and even be a deal-maker with clients. In this article, we’ll show you how to change the case of text in Bluebeam Revu easily (Uppercase, Lowercase, Title Case Etc). Let’s get started.

What Is Bluebeam Revu?

Bluebeam Revu is a software application designed primarily for professionals in the architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) industries. It offers robust solutions for PDF creation, editing, markup, and collaboration. Unlike standard PDF readers, Bluebeam Revu has features tailored to improve productivity and streamline workflows in project-heavy environments.

With Bluebeam Revu, users can annotate drawings, measure dimensions, manage project documents, and collaborate with team members in real time. The software also provides advanced features like Optical Character Recognition (OCR), which allows for converting scanned images of text into editable and searchable data.

Built-in Method for Changing Text Case in Bluebeam Revu

Unfortunately, Bluebeam Revu offers limited built-in tools for changing capitalization, which essentially amounts to rewriting the text, but it’s not what we’re looking for here, the good news is that there is a solution that exists to change selected text capitalization directly in place. This solution fully integrates with Bluebeam Revu, allowing you to convert any selected text with ease. In just a moment, you’ll be able to make this change, so let’s proceed

How to Quickly Change the Case of Text in Bluebeam Revu Fields

The easiest, quickest way to change selected text capitalization in Bluebeam Revu is through AnyCase. AnyCase App is fully compatible with Bluebeam Revu, and is made exactly for this purpose. hence it’s easy to do the capitalization where you work, Whether it’s pdf, document, or markup.

Here’s how to set it up in less than a minute:

  1. Download the latest free version of AnyCase App
  2. Follow the instructions to install it. 
  3. A window will appear on the right side of your monitor. Move it to any part of the screen. 
  4. Select the text whose case you wish to change by clicking and dragging the mouse over the text. 
  5. Within the AnyCase interface, select Uppercase or Lowercase, Or any other capitalization.
  6. Done, your text will immediately convert to the desired case without rewriting

Even better if you prefer shortcuts (Customizable), After installing AnyCase, the shortcuts in the table on this page will be automatically enabled on your computer to help you convert the case of text without even touching the interface.

Not convinced? Here are some more reasons why Bluebeam Revu users love using AnyCase app:

When it comes to ease of use and efficiency, the AnyCase App stands out. Here’s why:

Global Case Conversion: Go beyond the boundaries of Bluebeam Revu. With AnyCase, you can effortlessly change text cases across countless Windows applications.

Personalized Shortcuts: Tailor your experience with AnyCase by setting up your unique key combinations for seamless, global text conversions.

Broad Language Compatibility: With support for over two dozen languages, AnyCase is your one-stop solution for all your multilingual text conversion requirements.

Sophisticated Capabilities: AnyCase isn’t just about changing text cases. It also offers intelligent features like auto-capitalization of brand and personal names, as well as quick Letting you determine how specific words will be capitalized every time.

To put it simply, AnyCase can make your use of Bluebeam Revu more efficient. Instead of worrying about the small but important things that break your flow, You can focus on the complicated architectural things, And not waste time on rewriting. AnyCase will handles text you need to convert directly in place for you.

You can Download AnyCase latest version here, and try it out for yourself!

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