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How To Change Text Case In The Floorp Browser, Two Simple Solutions

by Yaron Elharar (@YaronElharar)

For Floorp Browser users who prefer the convenience of managing tasks directly in their browser, the ability to alter text cases can be a significant enhancement to your workflow. This article is designed to guide you through changing text cases in Floorp so that your browsing experience remains as convenient as possible.

What Is Floorp?

Floorp is a web browser that focuses on privacy and user control while surfing the internet. Developed to provide an alternative to mainstream browsers, Floorp is built on the same engine as Firefox, offering a familiar user experience to those accustomed to Mozilla’s popular browser. It includes features like tracking protection and the ability to control the information shared with websites, aiming to keep personal data secure and minimize digital footprints. Floorp is open-source, so you can either download it as it is or build your version of Floorp from its source code. 

Change Capitalization in the Floorp Browser

Built-in Ways to Change the Capitalization in Floorp

Unfortunately, Floorp, the firefox-based web browser, does not have built-in features specifically for changing text capitalization. However, users can still achieve this functionality through firefox extensions that Floorp supports, although using add ons extensions to perform this action will require giving the extension “Access your data for all websites” , Two popular options are the Change Case Extension and the TitleCase Extension.

How to Change Text Capitalization in Floorp with directly in-place

In this section, we will go over how to change case both in and out of the Floorp Browser by using AnyCase App, a case conversion software built to run on Windows. The winning difference between AnyCase and the two options we talked about before is that AnyCase operates across applications throughout the Windows operating system, including the Floorp browser, even inside VM environments. This means that it can automatically change the case of selected text right within the app where the text is. No need to copy the text from that app and paste it into AnyCase. Here’s how to change the case of text in Floorp using AnyCase:

  1. Download and install AnyCase. 
  2. On Floorp, select the text whose case you want to change. 
  3. Choose your desired text case from the ones in the AnyCase window. 
  4. The chosen case will immediately apply to the selected text.

You can even skip these steps by using AnyCase shortcuts, some of which are in the table below. 

Here Are Some More Reasons Floorp Browser Users Love Using AnyCase

Doesn’t Affect Browser Settings: Launch AnyCase confidently, knowing it will not compromise Floorp’s performance or your privacy settings. AnyCase App does not access, or have access to your page content while it performs the case conversion.

Varied Case Options: The AnyCase App provides a comprehensive suite of text case conversions, offering a broad range of options. Its capabilities include changing capitalization to UPPERCASE, lowercase, Title Case, Sentence case, AlTeRnAtInG CaPs, and tOGGLE CASE, and much more.

Easily Accessible: If you’re not a fan of the AnyCase window, open the context menu or use keyboard shortcuts to access AnyCase’s features quickly.

In summary, while AnyCase’s main feature is changing text to your preferred case, it offers much more. It includes tools to check if your punctuation is correct, count words, and other helpful features. AnyCase integrates smoothly with Floorp, enhancing your experience whether you’re casually browsing, socializing online, or using Floorp for professional tasks. Download AnyCase today to discover its full capabilities. 

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