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How To Change Text Capitalization In Lacerte Tax, A Quick And Easy Guide

by Yaron Elharar (@YaronElharar)

If you use Lacerte Tax, you already have a lot of numbers on your plate to crunch. Switching the case of text in your client list is the last thing you want to worry about. Yet sometimes you need to change the text capitalization. In this article, Will go over multiple ways to change case in Lacerte Tax

What Is Lacerte Tax?

Lacerte Tax is a professional tax preparation software developed by Intuit, the same company behind other financial software like QuickBooks and TurboTax. Designed to cater to the needs of tax professionals and accounting firms, Lacerte tax aim is to streamline the tax preparation process through a range of robust features, including comprehensive error-checking, time-saving data entry, and integration with other financial software.

Now that we got that out of the way let’s focus on how you Convert the text case in Lacerte. There are two options one Is to select any text and immediately convert it in place, and the other one using the Lacerte Tax interface.

Capitalizing Lacerte Tax Fields

What Are the Available Ways to Change Capitalization in Lacerte Tax?

Lacerte Tax comes with a way to change the text capitalization to uppercase, and the process goes like this:

  1. Go to Settings and select Options.
  2. Select the Tax Return tab.
  3. Locate the Tax Return Options section.
  4. Locate the field Text Style.
  5. Using the Using the drop down menu you should have two options
    • Upper case
    • Mixed case
  6. Click OK.

If you just want to change the capitalization of selected text, say for example, to uppercase, or convert it to sentence case or lowercase if it’s already in uppercase, you can simply select the text and convert it directly in place. That’s what we’re going to talk about next.

How Do You Change The Case Of Any Selected Text In Lacerte Tax?

As you’ve noticed, the steps outlined above require the interface and is not available for every field you’re working in, when you want to change text capitalization directly in place in Lacerte Tax (Mixed case fields, or input fields for example),The easiest way is to use AnyCase App Free which is compatible with even the latest versions of Lacerte Tax, including the 2021 and 2022 versions.

Let’s start converting select a text directly:

  1. First step, download, and install AnyCase App.
  2. Now when AnyCase is active the shortcuts in the table are enabled. (you can define your own shortcuts and settings)
  3. Select any editable text in Lacerte Tax and use one of the shortcuts in the table.
  4. Voila! you just converted the text.
Reasons Lacerte Tax Users Love Using AnyCase App

If we’re talking about simplicity/efficiency, AnyCase App takes the cake. Here’s why:

Global Case Conversion: It’s not limited to Lacerte Tax – you can convert text across countless Windows softwares.

Customization: Want your custom shortcuts? AnyCase has you covered. Set your own key combinations for global conversions.

Multi-Language Support: AnyCase supports over 24 languages, making it the go-to tool for all your multilingual needs.

Advanced Features: From automatic capitalization of brand names, personal names, to quick character or word replacement, AnyCase does more than just case conversion.

Ease of Use: With AnyCase, converting text is as easy as selecting and pressing a few keys. No more retyping!

To sum it up, Lacerte Tax comes with a built in way to change capitalization in some fields, but sometimes you just want to select the text and convert it in place in one click without rewriting the text, that’s where AnyCase App has your back, now you have one less distraction to think about while you’re focusing on what’s important. You can get the latest version of AnyCase App here.

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