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How to Change Selected Text Case in the UPS Worldship Software

Struggling with inconsistent text cases in the UPS Worldship Software? You’re not alone. Many professionals find themselves manually adjusting text cases, which can be time-consuming and prone to errors. This article will introduce you to a game-changing solution: the AnyCase App. We’ll explore what UPS Worldship is, the lack of built-in text case conversion features, and how AnyCase App can fill this gap, improving your efficiency and accuracy. By the end of this article you’ll be able to convert case directly in UPS Worldship Quickly, and easily. 

What is UPS Worldship Shipping Software?

Before we delve into the solution, let’s quickly understand what UPS Worldship Software is. UPS Worldship is an essential tool for logistics and shipping operations, designed for businesses of various sizes. This software enhances shipping processes with features like shipment tracking, cost calculation, and transit times. It’s predominantly used in the logistics and e-commerce sectors, whether you’re a logistics coordinator, warehouse manager, shipping and receiving supervisor, e-commerce specialist, or a supply chain analyst this is your go to program every day.

How To Change The Selected Text Case In UPS Worldship Software System, Simplifying Your Shipping Process

Built-in Ways to Change Text Capitalization in UPS Worldship Shipping Software

Currently, the UPS Worldship Software does not offer built-in features for text case conversion. This absence can be challenging when handling shipping labels or documentation that requires consistent text formatting. However, not all is lost, as you can still change capitalization directly in-place in the software without leaving the program. Let’s go over that solution below.

How To Change The Selected Text Case In UPS Worldship

Here’s where AnyCase App comes to your rescue. AnyCase fully supports the UPS worldship Software, making it possible to convert your selected text case directly in UPS Worldship, follow these steps:

  1. Download and install the free AnyCase App. 
  2. In UPS Worldship, select the text you wish to convert.
  3. Use AnyCase App shortcuts, like Win+Alt+U for uppercase, to instantly change the select text case right in-place. 
  4. Done. The selected text will immediately switch to the chosen case. 

AnyCase App Allows for multiple ways to change the case of text in UPS worldship, you can use the AnyCase App Interface, one of the shortcuts from the table on this page (customizable), or the context menu.

Windows Shortcut (keys to press)Action
Win+Alt+LTo convert selection to lowercase
Win+Alt+UTo convert selection to All Caps (UPPERCASE)
Win+Alt+TTo convert selection to Title Case
Win+Alt+STo convert selection to Sentence case
Win+Alt+ATo convert selection to AlTeRnAtInG CaPs
Win+Alt+OOpens main window with all the app's options
To enable the shortcuts above, you will need the free AnyCase App. Clicking on the table will lead you to its download page.
Here are some more reasons UPS Worldship Software Users love using it with AnyCase App:

Speed: With AnyCase App, you can convert the text case instantaneously. This speed is particularly beneficial when managing large shipping labels or bulk shipment entries, where time efficiency is crucial.

Custom Shortcuts: Streamline your workflow by setting up custom keyboard shortcuts for frequent case changes. This customization is particularly useful where specific case formats are often repeatedly required for uniformity in shipping documents and labels.

Custom Word Capitalization: This unique feature allows you to preset the capitalization for certain key terms or phrases that are commonly used in your shipping operations. Whether it’s specific product names, shipping terminologies, or unique identifiers, AnyCase App ensures they are always capitalized exactly as you prefer, automatically applying these rules whenever the terms appear in your text. This level of customization is especially beneficial for maintaining consistency and accuracy in important documents and communications within the UPS Worldship.

Multi-Language Support: AnyCase App caters to the global nature of shipping and logistics by supporting multiple languages and special characters. This feature is excellent when dealing with international shipments, ensuring accurate text formatting across different languages.

In conclusion, the AnyCase App bridges the gap in the UPS Worldship by providing an efficient, user-friendly method for text case conversion. This integration not only saves time but also ensures consistency in your shipping documentation, enhancing productivity and accuracy in your logistics operations.You can start using any case with UPS Worldship Software, Download AnyCase latest version here.

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