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3 Easy Ways To Convert Case In The New Versions Of Mozilla Thunderbird

by Yaron Elharar (@YaronElharar)

Text case conversion plays a significant role in enhancing the readability and visual appeal of written content. When it comes to Mozilla Thunderbird, the popular email client, users often find themselves seeking efficient methods to convert text case. In this article, we will explore various solutions to convert text case to all caps in Thunderbird, including manual copy-paste methods, dedicated apps like AnyCase, add-ons like TitleCase, and alternative techniques such as keyboard shortcuts. Additionally, let’s start.

Converting text case is a common need for individuals dealing with written content, whether it’s an email, document, or even a simple message. While Mozilla Thunderbird offers a robust platform for managing emails, it lacks built-in features for text case conversion. However, fear not, as we delve into several effective solutions to convert text case in Thunderbird.

The Manual Method Copying And Pasting

One of the most straightforward methods is the traditional copy-paste approach. You can copy the text from Thunderbird, paste it into a text editor that supports case conversions, make the necessary changes, and then copy the converted text back into Thunderbird. This method works well for occasional use, but it becomes tedious and time-consuming when dealing with frequent case conversions.

For a manual case conversion using word as an example you can follow these steps:

  1. Copy the text from Thunderbird.
  2. Paste it into a new MS Word document.
  3. Choose the desired case conversion (e.g., upper case, lower case, title case) from the “Aa” icon in the home tab.
  4. Copy the converted text.
  5. Paste it back into Thunderbird.

That’s a manual process that may be good for a few round trips, let’s go over better and faster solutions that can accomplish the same thing directly in-place, without leaving Thunderbird.

Converting text case in Thunderbird and hundreds of other applications

You’re not working only in Thunderbird, so for a more streamlined and efficient solution, you can rely on AnyCase, an apps dedicated to case conversions, the free AnyCase App works across hundreds of applications using shortcuts (customizable). Use it to immediately convert to all caps for example in popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Edge, as well as desktop applications like Outlook, Excel, and Slack. By installing AnyCase, you’ll immediately be able to the convert case In every Thunderbird field, Whether it’s email message area, the email Title field, Events and Tasks area, The Address Book fields, basically wherever you have editable text in Thunderbird AnyCase can convert the text case directly in one click.

To convert case of text using the AnyCase app:

  1. Download and install the AnyCase app.
  2. Open Mozilla Thunderbird and selected the text you want to convert.
  3. With the text selected use Win+Alt+U to convert the text to all caps for example
  4. Done, the text is instantly converted in Thunderbird.

Belts-in Shortcuts list using AnyCase App

Windows Shortcut (keys to press)Action
Win+Alt+LTo convert selection to lowercase
Win+Alt+UTo convert selection to All Caps (UPPERCASE)
Win+Alt+TTo convert selection to Title Case
Win+Alt+STo convert selection to Sentence case
Win+Alt+ATo convert selection to AlTeRnAtInG CaPs
Win+Alt+OOpens main window with all the app's options
To enable the shortcuts above, you will need the free AnyCase App. Clicking on the table will lead you to its download page.

Using an add on to change case in Thunderbird

Another option for Thunderbird users is utilizing add-ons like TitleCase a popular add on for Thunderbird. This add-on provides a range of case conversion options, including Title Case, Proper Case, Upper Case, Toggle Case, and Lower Case. With TitleCase, users can conveniently highlight the desired text in Thunderbird and apply the specific case conversion they require. While this solution offers a degree of flexibility, Unfortunately at the time of this writing the last update of this add on was in Dec. 20, 2018, and it is not clear if it is compatible with the more newer versions of Thunderbird, the reality is that to constantly maintain a project it requires time, specifically the volunteering of free time/work of the person maintaining the add on, a lot of the times the person that offered thee add on or product already moved on to different projects.

Built-In Case Conversion Shortcuts In Mozilla Thunderbird

Thunderbird does not offer built-in keyboard shortcuts for text case conversion. However, the TitleCase add on offers a predefined set of case conversion shortcuts , and AnyCase App (Download link for latest version) will let you customize your own shortcuts in addition to a set of predefined shortcuts it provides, AnyCase integrates seamlessly with Thunderbird and empowers users to define their preferred shortcuts for various case conversions. This feature enhances productivity and reduces the reliance on manual operations.

In conclusion, converting text case in Mozilla Thunderbird can be accomplished through various methods. While manual copy-paste, add-ons like TitleCase, and alternative techniques like keyboard shortcuts provide viable solutions, the AnyCase app stands out as the recommended choice. Its extensive functionality, compatibility with Thunderbird, and ability to work seamlessly within numerous programs make AnyCase an ideal tool for users aiming to convert text case efficiently. With AnyCase, Thunderbird users can elevate their productivity and enjoy a smoother case conversion experience.

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