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How to Remove Spaces In Text Directly, Works In Any Windows Program

There are multiple reasons you might want to remove spaces in text, you have written, maybe you want to remove all double spaces that are left by mistake in a paragraph or in a segment of text, or maybe you want to literally remove all spaces in a particular text selection leaving a long string of words without spacebar’s between them.

While online tools exist to perform this action on small sections of text, here we are going to talk about a way to remove spaces in text directly in Windows using a context menu (the mouse right click), by the end of this article you will be able to select any section of text and remove all double spaces, are all spacebars completely depending on your needs.

Remove Spaces In Text

Here I’m going to give an example from excel, but using AnyCase app lets you remove the multiple spaces immediately in your selected text, it doesn’t matter which windows program you’re currently using,

  1. Select the segment of text, or cells you would like to delete space is from
  2. Press ctrl + right mouse key, a context menu will pop up
  3. Go to the more option that menu and select remove double spaces from the options
  4. Give AnyCase a second to work, it will go over the entire section to remove spaces in text

This doesn’t stop here, You can take this approach even further, removing all spacebar’s altogether, Let’s continue using Excel for this example was well

Removing All Spaces In The Text Without an Excel formula

As you can see in this case I’ve opened the AnyCase settings to tell it to replace any space it encounters with nothing, that means it will delete spacebar’s every time it encounters it.
Looking at the video you can see the processing action, note that with  AnyCase you can do this action in any windows program directly, without going online.

Using this method you do not need to use any formula like the “= TRIM” in Excel

  1. Open the settings option
  2. Select the replace character/word
  3. On the “from” field enter a spacebar, While the “to” fields should remain blank
  4. Save

While this option is turned on you will be able to select any section of text, or cell and directly remove the spaces in it.

Final Thoughts

Removing extra spacebars left in your text, whether it’s word, excel sheets or any of the hundreds of program AnyCase supports is very simple, and as you see there is no need to go online, you can delete extra spacebars directly in windows. This method will work no matter if you’re using windows 7, 8, 10, or 11. part of AnyCase ability is to perform actions directly on sections of text. With hundreds of programs supported removing spaces in text as always be one click away.

The developer of the AnyCase app, and other popular Windows programs, an UX expert with over 15 years of experience in the industry.

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