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Title Case Converter For Windows That Works In-Place In +50 Programs

Nobody likes to waste time, especially when it comes to repetitive work. In this article we will go through one superfast way of converting caps, and compare them to two common ways of doing a title case conversion. first when referring to these tools they are usually called either a title case converter which is the most used, but they are also referred to as a title capitalization tool, or a sentence case converter. Names vary but the functionality is mostly the same, most tools can change caps between uppercase to lowercase, small letters to capital letters, or to do a title case conversion. when it comes to changing capitalization there are three possible ways of doing it from the fastest to the slowest.

3 Ways To Do A Capitalization Conversion
  1. Use AnyCase a Title Case Converter for windows, that will work wherever you write (across programs)
  2. One program at a time, A few programs (like Word) Include the ability to convert text in them
  3. Copy your text to an online capitalization converter (slowest/most time wasted)

Use AnyCase, The Best Title Capitalization Tool Made For Windows

A title capitalization tool like AnyCase focuses on case conversions and is by far the fastest and easiest way to do case conversions. with its wide support it does capitalization changes across Windows (In Google Chrome, Firefox, Google Docs, Outlook… and many others) making it the best title capitalization tool available for windows, whether it’s small letters to capital letters, or converting a paragraph to sentence case, when using AnyCase capitalization tool all the case conversions are done directly in place, without leaving the program you’re working in (Take a look).

  • The case conversion is done directly in-place
  • Each conversion takes a fraction (~0.2sec) of a second to convert to a different case, in comparison to 10-30sec for going online and doing the process manually
  • The case change is done without the need to rewrite
  • Available online/off-line
  • Although AnyCase supports the most common Windows applications, it currently supports approximately +50 different applications.
  • Works only in the computer it was installed in.
title case converter

One Program At A Time

You might be lucky enough to work in a program that has a title case converter built into it, such as Microsoft Word. In these cases you will be able to use the menu to convert between small letters to capital letters, or from uppercase to lowercase. The advantage being that the title capitalization is done in place, while the disadvantage is that this option is available in only a few selected applications, while you may need this functionality across Windows, or in your browser.

  • You are able to convert the caps in-place (In Word you will use shift+f3, while Google Docs Conversion is done only through a menu)
  • You can convert case using shortcuts (in some applications)
  • Functionality doesn’t exist in most applications, for example browsers like Google Chrome, Or Microsoft Edge does not include this functionality.
  • You need to remember the individual way the caps are changed in each specific application.
  • Some applications do not include a shortcut to change caps, and you will need to use the menu each time to perform the action.
  • Shortcuts vary between applications, if they happen to exist, in comparison when you use a title capitalization tool like AnyCase you use the same shortcuts across all your programs.
Built In Capitalization Google Docs example

Copy Your Text To An Online Capitalization Converter

As a title case converter this is by far the slowest method to do title capitalization, there are dozens of online tools for changing capitalization, (Sentence case converter, Change case , and many others), while using an online case converter is useful, it’s major downside in comparison to the first method is that you need to go back and forth between the website and your work every time you need to make a title case conversion, why waste 10-30sec on a round-trip every time you need to change caps, when a title capitalization tool will do it in place in a fraction of a second.

  • Offered by dozens of sites
  • Includes multiple and sometimes obscure capitalization options
  • Requires you to leave the application you are currently writing in
  • Takes multiple steps to achieve one text conversion
  • As the slowest method, every time you need to change caps it takes 10-30sec for the round-trip.
  • Available only when you have Internet access (pro/con)
title capitalization tool

Final Thoughts

My final thoughts are mixed with the reason I’ve created AnyCase, Going online to change the capitalization of text is simply unnecessarily slow, it is better to have the ability to change the capitalization directly in place, and even better is having the ability to do that in-place and across Windows applications. AnyCase is the best tool for fast and cross application conversions of text.

See examples of AnyCase here, with download links to the latest version

Yaron Elharar

The developer of the AnyCase app, and other popular Windows programs, an UX expert with over 15 years of experience in the industry.

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